In this edition of Morning Musings, I want to unpack an idea rather than the typical verse of Scripture we usually dive into during these posts. I believe God is transitioning our thinking and language from application to activation. Now before I go too deep, I do believe the end result of action is the heart of both application and activation. However, I believe the process of action is drastically different when we discuss these two streams of thought, which is the reason I want to unpack the difference in this post.

Usually, when we think of application the journey begins by hearing or reading a new truth followed by the process of how I apply this truth in order to adjust my lifestyle. While kindness and gentleness can permeate the application process, it is still flawed at the source because it is up to you to apply the truth effectively. When it is up me, then I am working from the outside-in, instead of from the inside-out. Therefore, I believe application will always land in performance and we need to move to activation as our paradigm for training and equipping others for action. I believe the activation process is distinctly different in our mindsets and understanding. In activation, we begin with the new truth, which is revealed as a part of our identity we never knew before this point of revelation.

Now, I’m beginning with a new understanding of who I AM currently because of Jesus and what He accomplished. Fresh revelation is laced with joyful desire to practice our identity with tangible actions. No longer am I appealing to my own will power for change but I am resting in His power that has already changed me. Now I celebrate baby step’s as any new revelation takes time to work out in my day-to-day life. I am no longer frustrated with small beginnings since my process is based in identity and not my performance or what others may think something should look like.

Let’s shift from trying harder to trusting deeply. Let’s transition from striving to become something by changing our behavior to believing we are something and practicing our new creation lifestyle. Let’s move from frustration with lack to celebration of growth. Let’s upgrade our thinking from applying truth to activating our identity as we read the word and listen to our favorite teaching. Living in our identity is radically fun and refreshing!