I would like to address processing grief as it relates to the finished work of Jesus. First of all, grief is not a result of sin, but a result of loss. You could make a case that the reason anything is lost is ultimately because of sin and it’s wages of death. However, the process of grieving loss is not sinful or due to having a sin nature. Rather, grieving loss is related to loving well.

Make no mistake, Jesus finished the work of redemption and there is nothing we could do to add to that. But that does not mean there isn’t any role for us to enjoy and watch God’s Kingdom extend, by His Spirit, through our lives. On that journey there are many people that we meet, love, invest in, and lose for one reason or another. That sting, that pain of loss is not because you are believing a lie, it’s because you loved well.

The good news is, we do not have to stay devastated because of that loss. We do not have to live in fear of loving again. We do not have to believe the lie that says the investment was for naught. The truth is, we get to realize the depths of the love of God that we already have, but have not fully understood. Grief does not contradict the finished work of Christ, it reinforces it. The power of grief is the ability to mourn without guile and bitterness as our destination.

Grief is a gift from God, not a result of being messed up. I have found in my own life, to ignore challenge or pain in the name of “having the right mindset” is a misunderstanding of the nature and character of God. That process becomes performance all over again, because you are “trying” to make yourself ok, rather than trusting God in the process of discovering you’ve always been ok, in Him. I want to encourage you to let the Comforter, comfort you in places of disappointment or grief. Let God unwind the hurt and any lie that has tried to prevent you from loving again.

Let God be God. In the end grief is interwoven with joy and that my friends is good news!