I love the church! And I don’t mind systems, as long as they are used to serve the people. But what I do not like is when the church is enslaved to serve the system. When the system will not bend or break, but bends and breaks the people that are entrenched in the workings of the system. I’m passionate about the people of God (the church) finding life outside the system and releasing it into every square inch of our cities and nations. I am passionate about validating and celebrating every calling. I believe God loves diversity as is clearly portrayed through creation. Therefore in this post I want to ask a series of questions to get us thinking outside the box of what we are use too. I want to push our mindsets further outside the four walls rather than build more towers of babel inside the four walls. So, here we go!

I have a growing love for art and artistic people. But here’s my question, what if artists didn’t just think of how to bring art into the church structures, but as the church go and repaint, re-sculpt, rethink, and reshape the big big world out there? What if artists redesigned decaying neighborhoods? What if artists built buildings for businesses that revealed the excellence of Heaven? What if Kingdom artists revealed God to a world that would never enter a building to listen to a sermon?

What about educators? Not just educating people with the Bible, but educating in a way the world has never seen? What about awakening people to heavenly revelation and trust Holy Spirit to unpack all the wisdom of the ages and call it education in the presence!? What if we taught people who they were, which released in them wisdom God had placed there to solve the problems our world is facing?! What if it isn’t about better information and more determination, but the Spirit of Revelation that will bring solutions to problems that have plagued our society for decades?

What about leadership and government? What if our leaders didn’t govern in fear but in faith? What if government was designed by revelation of how the Trinity governs heaven? What if control was replaced with trust, confrontation, and calling the gold out in people? What if there was no fear of punishment and rejection but a deep hope that God will work ALL things together for good? What if businesses didn’t compete to get a bigger slice of the pie, but collaborated to show the world there is always enough in God?

What if the church leadership isn’t about mass production but rather reproduction? In a family there is definitely likeness and there is also uniqueness. What if what God really wants in the whole earth is a family that, by His grace, embraces every member as a brother or sister and refuses to partner with the lie of rejection? You may think this is impossible and there is too much corruption in the world to ever see something like this in our lifetime. What if that’s not true? Jesus did say to pray, “On earth, as it is in heaven.”

What if it doesn’t take everything the system says it takes, and all that is needed is trusting Jesus? And what if trust is a gift from God and not a self generated product? Let’s celebrate the church and all her forms, gifts, passions, and vision. At the end of the day if the fate of the church is on our shoulders we are already moving in the wrong direction. The good news is this government of Heaven, rests squarely on His shoulders (Isaiah 9). Celebrate someone today that is different than you are. This is good news!