What do we mean when we say “hard work?” In Christian circles this seems to be a favorite saying to use when describing fruitfulness of any kind. I’m not here to advocate for laziness and just sitting around all day, everyday. Honestly, I can’t think of anything more boring than sitting around with nothing to do all day, every day. With that said, I really want to challenge our idea of “hard work.”

What do we really mean? Work that is really difficult? Work that only a few have the ability to do, therefore, it is a new way to separate the men from the boys, so to speak? Work that we put tons and tons of effort into and see little to no results? Absolutely hating our work lives and yet finding something noble in doing something we can’t stand? Setting ourselves up for an expectation of not enjoying the thing we do for most of our waking hours in a week? Is this what we are saying?

Wasn’t toil a part of the fall? Yes, Adam worked before the fall and by the short account in Genesis 2, seemed to really like what God gave him to do. When man fell, toil or working and seeing a small yield of fruit was part of that consequence. However, we have been REDEEMED from the fall!

Maybe we should stop expecting everything to be “hard” that we work on. Maybe we should expect our work to yield fruit and it to refresh us as we go?! Maybe we should believe that redemption has touched our work lives and we GET to love what we do!? Even the stuff that people say is boring and mundane. What if the work of Christ actually redeemed that?! What if dishes, laundry, changing diapers, mowing the yard, doing your taxes, etc. had a sense of refreshment and delight? What if our perspectives changed and we believed God was in the details and giving us strength, energy, mental capacity, and joy in ALL THINGS!

So, I’m not saying we don’t work or that there might not be long hours in our work, but I am challenging our commonly held belief that it has to be “hard,” to count for something. I say we start using the term “fun work” or “joy work” or “refreshing work” when we talk about our income streams or life calling. Let’s get rid of trying to prove ourselves and how tough we are and just trust God and realize He has redeemed us from all aspects of the curse, including toil! No more toil. No more striving. No more hating the mundane. In Christ ALL THINGS have become new!

What happens if we have a bad day/week/month/etc? Don’t sweat it! Just let Holy Spirit remind you again and again the curse is broken, you’re set free to enjoy all things, and let the challenges remind you that the opposite is actually the truth! It’s going to be a great year and I think we will all enjoy meaningful, refreshing, joyful, and fun work. Happy New Year!