Here’s a question for consideration. If you could lead like Jesus, get the same results, would you take it? Stop. Really consider the ramifications of the question.  We have seen books or heard talks about the leadership lessons we can glean from  the life of Jesus. He was a servant leader. He was a kind leader. He lifted the broken, sought the lost, and always others focused. However, if we really think about it, I’m not sure the immediate results are what we might expect. Let’s see:
  • Betrayal.
  • Constantly questioned from insiders and outsiders.
  • Considered a heretic.
  • Lacking clarity among his followers.
  • In-fighting in the ranks.
  • The competition tries to constantly look for ways to kill you.
  • In your most trying moments everyone abandon’s you.
  • People constantly don’t understand what you are trying to get at.
  • One day everyone loves you and the next they want nothing to do with you.
  • Your inner circle jumps ship and doesn’t want to carry on the mission in your absence.
  • Even after rising from the DEAD, some continue to doubt.
You break every leadership rule and yet, 2,000 years later the world is still being turned upside down and inside out because of who you are. Jesus didn’t come to rally the troops but to reveal the truth. He didn’t come to fit inside the box of everyone’s expectations. He came to challenge what the entire world thought about God the Father, Son, & Spirit. He challenged every preconceived idea of what people thought was the right way to reveal a new way; a living way.This is leadership. It’s not always pretty, streamlined, or easily understood and implemented. However, it changes people at the core of their beings. It awakens reality and pushes the boundaries of what’s possible. It seems to me (this may be too much of a generalization) but those that turn the world upside down are usually not widely loved in their lifetime but deeply admired by generations to come. What would it look like to live, lead, write, invest in people in such a way that 1,000 years from now His voice through you continues to echo in the lives of that generation.
If you feel misunderstood, overlooked, or as if your contribution is ‘ok’ at best, you are in good company.Jesus was never concerned with popular opinion. Actually, Jesus redefined popular opinion. To Jesus, popular opinion was the Father’s perspective on a subject.The good news is, we don’t have to try to ‘be’ like Jesus because now Christ lives in us and is always upgrading our perspective and abilities to align with His.Therefore, we should not think it strange when we face resistance to His Kingdom expanding in our midst, if the world misunderstood Jesus. The good news is, even in challenge we are full of joy and peace. Things may look bad, but He is always good. Let this be a year of realizing you have a calling to walk in and His leadership is alive in you. It may push buttons but His ultimate desire is that His voice, in you, would awaken those around you to their identity and calling, so that the Kingdom of God will continually emerge in all the earth!