Today I want to address the idea that the “grass is always greener…” This is the basic idea that there is always something better to join or somewhere better to be. It is the belief that your circumstances are never “good enough,” and if you just had what you perceive to be the ideal setting, everything would change. This my friends is just not true.

The problem with this way of thinking is, it creates a victim mentality and allows you to think about all that is wrong, rather than all that is right. In addition, this way of thinking creates a constant need for change as soon as you wear out the green grass you are currently standing on. If you see life through this lens you don’t realize that your perspective is what needs to change.

Here’s what happens. You think, “I’ll go get a different job, relationship, place to live,” etc. And when it first happens, it is awesome! There is a freshness, a sense of adventure, new people, new places, and new everything! And then, slowly but surely the inevitable kicks in. The new people have problems. The new job becomes routine and boring.

The new place only has so many sights to see. Then you realize it. The problems you faced in the last set of circumstances have followed you.

Actually, what happened is, in the fresh experience of everything you forgot the problems.

Once that newness wears off, you are left holding the bag, again. I would like to suggest, instead of fleeing to a new patch of grass, learn how to care for the patch you are standing on. Learn how to see things from God’s perspective. Learn how to develop lasting relationships that have depth below the surface. Learn how to find joy in the everyday and the mundane. When you do, everything changes. Everything can refresh you. Everything can envision you. Everything can be renewing and reawakening.

Let’s break agreement with any thought that causes us to despise our lives and our lot. Thankfulness not only changes our perspective, but often awakens the strength to take on new risks in life. Life is a gift, enjoy it! This too is good news!