Let’s learn a new language in order to accurately speak to one another and the world. Not new words, but a new perspective that affects our word choice. Too often spiritual language is veiled with religious blinders. We may not sound like we are quoting the King James Bible, but our words can delay or create distance between us and God and what He is doing.

I’m not convinced that God is doing anything new or that He will do something new in the future. I think He did a complete job already! And what we are seeing are the effects or the ripples of His accomplishment continuing to unfold throughout history and for eternity. Therefore, I don’t use language like God is going to do this, that, or the other. Instead I prefer to say, because God has done everything in Christ, all things are possible!

The possibility may be a new thought to me, but it has always been available because of Jesus and who He is. Also, I don’t think we are getting “closer” to God. How much closer can we get to a person who has taken up residence within us and said He would NEVER leave us? I’m not trying to be a stickler or legalistic on our word choice, but I want to point out that distance and delay create striving and performance in our personal lives and communities. If we are always looking for the “new” thing God is doing, we don’t live and grow in the current relationships He has graciously given us. We are always discontent because something “new” is just on the horizon.

My personal experience reveals when I think the “new” thing will be the “thing” that satisfies, it doesn’t. It keeps me in a constant state of ‘never enough’ when Jesus is more than enough. Some might say this is only semantics and isn’t that big of deal; however, I would agree to disagree because a seemingly insignificant remark can dramatically affect another person’s view of God.

Now, I’m not suggesting we need to freak out about how we say something and spiral into an endless pit of fear and insecurity. However, I am suggesting we go on a journey with the Holy Spirit and let Him renew our minds to the reality of our identity in Christ! Also, notice the language that the Scripture uses in unveiling who we WERE and who we ARE. It is incredibly consistent and in plain sight, yet I know I miss it many times.

Finally, as we stop agreeing with distance and delay in our thinking and speaking an incredible perspective emerges. It’s called expectation! And it’s the good kind of expectation that expects God to bear fruit in all that you are doing. When we stop waiting for God to do something new and start realizing He accomplished everything in Christ, then we begin to expect every conversation to have impact. We expect every new idea to bear fruit as it is sourced in God and not a guess at what God might do. We begin to expect finances to grow because we’re not trusting our faithfulness but trusting His faithfulness to make good decisions with peace and joy. We begin to realize we easily hear God, all the time, and we take note with each unfolding word an ability is present to step out and risk with immense joy and satisfaction, no matter the immediate result.

This is what it means to live by faith. Faith says, something is real and current even though we’ve yet see it. Therefore, our actions merely bring into the seen realm what we already know was real, before we acted. No more distance. No more delay. In fact according to Colossians 2, you have already BEEN GIVEN the fulness of the God-head (Father, Son, & Holy Spirit) in Christ. Enjoy fulness!