Today’s post is a hunch and not a well researched idea with volumes of data supporting it. However, I believe there is something to the idea and want to make it the subject of today’s post. Recently, I watched a sporting event with a well-known player who is a believer. To my mind popped this thought, ‘I’m not sure if his platform is more strategic than someone who is unknown.’ Let me be clear. I believe this person is doing what God created him to do and his platform is a place of impact and influence.

However, I realized I don’t make significant life decisions based on the perspective of a well-known believer. In other words, without a relationship with someone their influence might truly be a mile wide and only an inch deep. And honestly the issue isn’t about the person who has the large platform. The issue is for those of us that don’t and seem to think it is worth our time to develop a gift mix that lends itself to a large platform. In the end you might miss the most significant opportunity for impact that is currently sitting across from you.

The other thought that crystalized was that even those with a large platform choose a few people to invest their lives into or their impact will diminish when they step off the stage. What’s the real point in this post? I think I am realizing again the reason Jesus commissioned us to make disciples is investing in a few with and teaching those people to invest in a few, is a sure way to make an impact. Stages come and stages go, but a lasting impact comes through healthy investment in a few people with a vision to invest in others as well.

This decision may never make you famous or well-known, but the greatest impact over a lifetime is focusing on the people in front of you, and not the crowds/fans that may or may not emerge in the future. Many well-known people talk about the pressure and stress that comes from their notoriety that is not all it’s cracked up to be. Be at rest with who God is, who you are, and what He has for you now. Not caring about notoriety usually sets people up to handle it well. It’s the joy discovered in the journey that’s worth its weight in gold. Drink deep!