An interesting thought came to mind recently. There’s a phrase that states most of humanity’s experience in God barely scratches the surface of all there is to explore in our relationship with God. The phrase is intended to cast light on God’s sovereignty and the vastness of His nature as an infinite being.

Personally, I agree with this statement and deeply believe God’s nature, while knowable, is also beyond our full comprehension, as created beings. Actually, I bet most believers would agree with the idea that God is much bigger and more colorful than we can fathom. However, in the next breath I’ve witnessed strong opposition when a new thought about God’s nature and character is expressed.

Isn’t that fascinating?! We say the right thing with the initial statement; however, if we aren’t the one making the new discovery or it’s outside the box of our understanding we violate our original position. It’s easy to make ourselves the ultimate authority of what God is like based on our understanding of the nature of God as revealed through the Scriptures. Please understand I’m not suggesting we go outside the boundaries of the Scriptures nor do I believe God violates His word.

However, as other’s have more eloquently stated, “While God does not violate His word, He doesn’t mind violating your understanding of it.” And there it is. Most opposition comes because our current understanding of the nature of God is challenged with a new thought directly received through reading the same text. I think this happened in Jesus day. The spiritual leaders knew the word and missed the Word. Convinced their understanding was accurate, Jesus posed a threat by opening up the Kingdom and nature of God to the non-religious of His day.

My encouragement today is to ask questions, hear what people are saying, find what passages they are drawing from, and look at the whole picture. No one is 100% right and we need to see things from multiple angles to get a deeper understanding. Let’s work it through together and in the end I bet we all grow and mature through the process.