January 6, 2014 came as a surprise to my wife and me. A typical Monday with staff meeting in the morning became a turning point for our lives and future. In November 2013, I had a passing thought that our church could reposition itself as a community development organization which planted churches and eventually blossomed into a local church. I wondered if re-branding who we are might increase our access within key communities in Portland to maximize our impact in the city. Six weeks later a teammate suggested I check out a year-end report from a sister organization that fit the community development model.

Going into our January 6th meeting I anticipated a five-minute conversation about the hypothetical change and it turned into a 2 hour conversation which we sensed significant implications about the future. As we prayed and sought counsel it became abundantly clear that God was leading us to shut down the church and move from Portland back to Central Texas! Wow, so much to digest!

Then the practical issues began to emerge: we have to sell our house, pack, move, what about jobs, what about housing, what about everything? Rachelle and I knew to take it one step at a time and let God be God on our behalf. So, we met with a realtor and two weeks later our house was sold! Sold! It took us 10 days to prep and stage and 2 days to sell. Wow! Not only did it sell, but it sold for more than our asking price.

Then we began the grieving process. It is bittersweet for us as a team and a family. We all love Portland and one another but it was clear that God was changing our direction. To ignore His voice would have created messes that we would not enjoy cleaning up.

So, at first we felt sad about everything. Later the emotions increased and the tears flowed freely. But on the back-end of grieving a wonderful thing happened…joy! Now, we have a growing excitement about the future and our next destination. It never crossed our minds to make this move, but when God is up to something there is an acceleration that takes place and fills you with confidence that all things will work together for good.

So, for those that know us, we are moving! For those that don’t, you probably don’t care! Ha! I will continue to post on the blog and record podcasts at a clip of once a week. Please pray for us as we wrap things up in Portland and take flight for Central Texas!