Fame is an interesting arena. Recently I read those who are famous would rather not be, and some that aren’t famous desperately want fame. There is an emerging perspective within the body of Christ that we should be famous so that we can influence the influential.

The thought is, if I am well-known because of my gifts and then demonstrate my gifts are aimed at exalting Jesus and making Him great, then life will be wonderful! I’m not convinced. I don’t see that type of thinking dominating Jesus life on earth. He always seemed to defer attention and reject position that everyone wanted to give Him. I don’t think it was false humility that governed His behavior, but I think He knew fame was a distraction from what would be most effective for world transformation, namely relationships and mentoring.

The odd thing is, if you are famous you aren’t really that influential. Oh sure, people may watch your every move, but not necessarily because they look to you for counsel and guidance, but more realistically because people want you to fall and pick you apart to feel better about themselves. Or people want to be a fan so that others think they are important. Or maybe they can draft off your success and become successful themselves. Rarely do famous people have what every human wants, which is acceptance.

Here’s the other funny thing about fame. There are seven billion people on the planet. I wonder how many people know the same person? Let’s be generous and say there is a person that is known by 3 billion people. Wow! Guess what? That still leaves 4 billion that have never heard of you! Most of us will never be famous and I want to let you in on a secret, it’s ok! Most people will probably never hear of you. That’s ok! Most people won’t know how amazing you are. That’s ok!

You are still an awesome person that is super valuable! But our value is not found in whether or not our name is a household name. Just let go of needing the eye of others on you and enjoy your relationship with God and those around you. It is much more satisfying and peaceful!

And truth be told, you can probably have a greater impact by investing in a few people who turn and do the same thing in the lives of others. Discipleship is the process for transformation, not fame and popularity. Rest in the fact that Jesus already dealt with your distractions and enjoy fellowship with Him. Good news all around!