The term ‘ordinary people’ has been a constant point of reflection in recent months. I have a growing conviction that God’s Kingdom is wired for ordinary people to demonstrate His nature and character in everyday life.

It’s funny because almost everyone will tell you they believe the same thing. Many people echo this sentiment in their language and presentation; however, when you drill down on their processes and culture you find that only the elite can rise in the ranks of qualified ministers who can make a significant impact in the world. I understand no one is trying to create an elite group of ministers but too often we allow the world’s systems to dictate and inform the ways of God and the administration of His Kingdom.

Too often we are nervous about messy ministry and people doing things that are not godly and will create more problems, yes? The reality is, this is true! But as I continue to dive deeper into New Testament expressions of the Kingdom of God, messiness seems to be par for the course! In no way am I justifying messy living as a healthy lifestyle; however, I recognize messy living as part of the process of maturity and growth in people’s lives.

I’ve watched people discover the nature and character of God and by His grace begin to walk out a holy lifestyle. However, in the process was a lot of mess! But when we can constantly point back to the Scriptures and remind people of God’s grace and our identity in Christ real and lasting transformation is possible and normative.

A new friend gave me a book titled, “An Army of Ordinary People,” written by Felicity Dale. The book contains story after story of ordinary people experiencing God do extraordinary feats through their lives. As I read the first couple of chapters this morning I was moved to tears imagining grocers, nurses, teenagers, moms, and drug runners discovering a God who deeply loves them experience the transforming work of the Holy Spirit and watch God multiply their lives through making disciples in their day-to-day rhythms.

I was stirred again to believe it will be the untrained and ordinary men and women that will turn the world upside down. If you are employed by a church this is not a statement to challenge your employment! But for church workers and non-church workers I want to remind us that the Kingdom is pushed forward on the edges of society. Let us realize again the greatest place for Kingdom impact is found in the midst of unbelieving communities. And this is an opportunity for all of us!

It doesn’t take a certain skill set or gifting. Often it is genuine love and care that unlocks people’s hearts and allows the Holy Spirit to flood their understanding and awaken them to the truth of Jesus. Lets be intentional to connect with humanity and watch God awaken a people who didn’t seek Him and reveal Himself to those that did not ask for Him. The expansion of the Kingdom is for us all, governed by grace, and full of joy!