Matthew 28 gives a broad call to all believers to make disciples of all nations, yet I find in the Western world we have deeply complicated the matter. My experience is not as vast as some; however, as I talk with those with more experience I find the experts thoughts align with my perceptions.

One glaring issue I observed and unfortunately implemented is creating a system of discipleship that is too complicated and requires me in the middle to make it go. I’m not exactly sure why we Westerners love complexity and difficulty but it’s as if we view it as a badge of honor! Look what we did and how hard it was, aren’t we the best?! I’m not suggesting that catalyzing a movement is easy, but I do think it should be simple. And we are not watering everything down to the lowest common denominator, which is typically what we fear. What I am suggesting is removing the path that only the hyper-gifted can traverse to rediscover the simple ways of God.

Something that makes God altogether amazing is His simplicity. He is love. Love is multi-faceted yet incredibly simple that a newborn can recognize love that transcends words. One objection I have heard from those who are very gifted is they want a place to use their gifts to serve God and His people. There is nothing wrong with wanting to use what God has given you to serve Him and His Kingdom. However, here is some food for thought. Jesus who was God Himself laid down all of His God-ness (includes gifting and resident power) to serve people not based on His gift but based on His heart.

The reality is God has gifted us all. Yet serving people is not accomplished primarily through that gifting but through our relational connection. If we are not careful we can elevate our gift above its most effective place and our service is more about us than those we serve.

Breaking it all down and looking for simple tools that anyone and everyone can use with confidence is what is needed to make disciples of all nations. I have found reading scripture and asking questions to catalyze grace-based obedience are the most powerful tools for life transformation. The tools won’t make you famous and sought after but they will help you grow in fruitfulness and fulfillment. Here’s to simplifying our processes and methods and allowing everyone that wants to play, get to play.