Mystery is an attribute of God that often alludes us Westerners. We enjoy having the mystery solved rather than left in suspense. However, mystery is one of the most vital aspects to our relationships with God. Mystery keeps God as God and me as “not God.”

Living under the pressure of always having to have everything you believe fully figured out replaces God with you. And if we are not careful we become God on behalf of others. I love that Jesus said that no one knows the day or the hour, not even the Son, only the Father (see Matt 24:36). Jesus doesn’t know something?!

That’s what it says, look it up for yourself! If Jesus lives in mystery and is not insecure in His relationship with the Father, then we will be ok! The good news is we are in Christ and His security in the mystery of the Father’s timing resides in us! You too are now at peace in what you don’t know because Jesus is your peace. Let’s rest in His perfect timing, embrace the mystery, and trust God for glorious outcomes!