Humanity’s need for approval is the strongest of motivations in life itself. The pattern of the world in relation to approval is to make you prove yourself in order for approval of others.This creates a decaying system that eat’s everyone’s lunch from the inside out with the hamster wheel of ‘never enough.’

But the Kingdom of God is different. And not by small margins. In the Kingdom we operate from approval, not for it. In the Kingdom, God generously gives approval of who we are from the start in order to give a firm footing for us to stand and live from. In Matthew 3 Jesus hears the Father’s approval before He entered His time of testing. In verse 17 we read, “This is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased.” Jesus entered His time of testing from a place of approval and pleasing the Father. He did not enter His testing to earn approval or the pleasure of the Father. This is why when the devil came to test Jesus he attacked His place with the Father. Yet Jesus stood firm knowing His approval was based in the character of His Father and not His performance in the testing.

This Kingdom is truly counterintuitive. When we live to perform and earn God’s favor we get messed up even if externally we look great in the process. And when we give up trying to earn His approval and trust that in Christ we already have it, we will out “perform” our best days under the heavy hand of self-righteousness. And we won’t care how great we are, but live in deep gratitude of how great God is! This is our inheritance! We received what Jesus paid for not what we earn!

We live in the pleasure and approval of His relationship with the Father. A relationship that was never marred by sin but has always been full of grace, mercy, and acceptance. My encouragement to you is to allow the Holy Spirit to re-orient your thinking and belief system to realize you are in Christ and have full access to His relationship with the Father. Reject every thought and idea that works to disqualify and reject you from a perfectly whole Father who loves you deeply. This is incredibly good news!