Over the years I consistently run into a mindset that causes people to get stuck and frustrated as they try to move forward in the grace of God. Our past seems to be a place of challenge and struggle when we hear fresh truth about the finished work of Christ and the grace of God.

Hearing you don’t have to earn anything or prove anything, but simply enjoy what He has done which causes you to bear much fruit, can cause people to view past experiences in following Jesus as invalid.  A big offense of the gospel is letting go of what we thought we knew or what we believed was “right.”

God will always meet us where we are, but just because life is working doesn’t mean we have God figured out. Again God meets us in our place of immaturity but it doesn’t mean our understanding of Him and His Kingdom are at the highest levels of revelation.

I find God has no problem frustrating our understanding of what He is truly like in order to help us live in rest and peace over the long haul. So what do we do about our past? Laugh about it? Get over it? Maybe!

Don’t let your previous experiences in God create a paradigm that cannot flex and expand as you receive more revelation on the nature and character of God. Appreciate your past. Allow thankfulness to overflow that God in His goodness met you in places of immaturity and allowed you to desire to go deeper into the fulness of who He is. Honor the past, just don’t get stuck there. Even this is good news!