While reflecting on the nature of the Trinity I began to realize the essence of heaven is the relationship between the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I realized that if we observe the nature of the God-head, we see a fluid model for how organizations can be structured to allow for the optimum results.

If we are honest organizational life often contradicts the nature of the God-head and causes people to grind on the inside, all the while chalking it up to, “this is how the world works.” That may be true that internal grinding is the way the world works but it is not the way heaven works. And our commission is to create an awakening to heaven on earth through making disciples of all nations.

First, most organizations work from the top down, yet heaven is not a hierarchy. Yes, God is the ultimate authority but He uses His authority to include, upgrade, give, and serve, not to rule over and intimidate.

Second, organizations can create competition among those in the ranks yet heaven is not a contest to win first prize and be the best. Rather heaven is a family to be a part of while celebrating our differences, and no longer competing to be the same person.

Finally, because of hierarchy and competition organizations can create environments of exclusion rather than an atmosphere of inclusion. In Christ, we have been grafted into the divine life of the God-head. Jesus allows us to participate in heaven’s union and doesn’t exclude us based on lack of experience or results. These ideas challenge organizations because they require trust and dependence on the God-head and not on our ability to pull things off.

Go on a journey with God on these ideas. Ask Him if He has any upgrades in perspective and practice that He wants to offer? Ask Him if there are practices you can stop doing? Ask Him to give you understanding and insight into His nature and character and get ready for the ride of your life! This too is good news!