There’s an interesting phrase we use as believers when talking about humanity. The phrase is, “everyone is made in the image of God.” We say it sometimes as a concession to value people who think different or believe different from what we do. The interesting thing about this statement is to see what the New Testament says about the image of God.

Colossians 1 states that Jesus is the image of the invisible God! So if everyone is made in the image of God and Jesus is that image, what does it all mean?! What if it means people are pre-disposed to resonate with truth? What if it means that people actually are hard-wired to want to know whose image they were made in? What if means we don’t have to convince people what to believe, but we get to reveal to people who truth is and the Holy Spirit awakens them to that reality? What if we’ve made faith really hard and it’s not? What if allowing people to taste and see that God is good makes trusting Him easy? What if when Jesus said His yoke is easy and His burden is light, He meant it? What would this change?

I believe it would remove the pressure we put on ourselves to share our faith. What if we actually enjoyed it?! What if giving away abundant life was actually so fun, there was no more motivation needed to share? I don’t think these questions are pipe dreams, I think this is actually reality in living out the Kingdom.

We “get to” help people realize who they really are. We “get to” give away good news and awaken the gold in people. We “get to” love people who disagree with us and even try to harm us! This is the radical nature of the Kingdom. We love people who try to harm us and in the process they are transformed and we are thankful without the need for credit or praise. It’s my conviction this is the Kingdom of God and we “get to” participate as much as we desire! It’s really good news!