John 1:29 states, “The next day John saw Jesus coming towards him and said, ‘Look the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!’” I thought about this earlier today and noticed what the passage doesn’t say. It doesn’t say Jesus came to partially help us with sin. It doesn’t say Jesus came to rehab us from our sin issue. It doesn’t say Jesus came to put a band-aid on humanity’s sin problem. It says He came to TAKE our sin problem. Ha ha ha! That is absolutely amazing!

Talk about good news! Talk about an amazing announcement to proclaim from the rooftops and allow people to rest in this good news! This reminds me of Matthew 11, where the author quotes Jesus who said, the Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence and the violent TAKE it by force. The most violent act in the Kingdom is the King TAKING our sin upon Himself and destroying that old nature from the inside out.

Sometimes I think we can miss the power of these statements when our mind is set on the pattern of the world. We read this same verse and think Jesus partially took away the sin of the world. Either he only did it for a few or he only did some part of the job for everyone. The verse is clear. Jesus took away the sin of the world. Period. I know the objection. But a lot of sin happens all the time through a lot of people, no way this verse really means what it says.

I don’t disagree that a lot of sin happens through a lot of people, but the verse is still true. Just because everyone’s ticket has been paid, doesn’t mean everyone knows or everyone believes. But the good news is NOT what we have to do to curry favor with God. The good news is what Christ did to defeat sin and place humanity in a whole new reconciled state. When someone comes to faith by trusting in what Jesus has already done, then they experience redemption and see the fallacy of their former way of living, thinking, and being.

Conversion is an awakening to the truth that is timeless, immovable, and a person! Life before that awakening conversion has real effect and a real downside, but it is on our end of refusing to receive and enjoy what God has done in Christ, not on God’s end of holding out on humanity. So, let’s enjoy this good news! Let’s revel in what God in Christ accomplished on our behalf. And the overflow of that enjoyment is a passion for lost sons and daughters finding their way home to a father that has always loved, accepted, and known them!