The journey to maturity in Jesus is not about progressively becoming a new creation. The truth is you are a new creation and the progressive discovery is realizing how new He made you! The real details of manifesting change is found in our awareness rather than effort to change yourself. I have found giving yourself to changing yourself is an exercise in futility as you end up with external changes that don’t align with internal realities.

How do we grow in awareness of our new creation selves? It begins with a changing of the guard, namely, your mind! Romans 12:2 reminds us to no longer be conformed to the pattern of the world but be transformed by the renewing of the mind. Therefore, allow the Holy Spirit, through His word, His still small voice, and His people help you see yourself as you really are, in the image of God. Reject thoughts that tie you to bad behavior as being the source of who you really are. This doesn’t mean we hide bad behavior, it means in the process of bringing it into the light we realize it wasn’t us to begin with! It was a lie we believed that when agreed with caused us to act in contradiction to our true identity in Christ.

Allow the Scriptures to confront lies in our understanding and be the light that reveals the person of Jesus within us and call us up to live as we truly are, sons and daughters of God! As your awareness grows of who you truly are in Christ, your language will begin to change. You won’t make negative statements about yourself and you will see negative statement made about others cease. You will live by the river of life that has taken up residence within you and release His life everywhere you go. The truth is you ARE the aroma of Christ, and everywhere you go He is spreading the fragrance of the knowledge of Him! God is always leading you in triumph! This is our inheritance!

You have permission to reject thoughts of fear, unbelief, worry, hurry, anxiety, and scarcity. God’s Kingdom is abundant, never in lack, and always increasing in our awareness. Now, everywhere we go we recognize God at work MORE than we see destruction. Is there destruction in the world?! Of course, but the more we tune out the negative airwaves the more we are able to be the change agents to see that destruction restored. The gospel has always been and will always be good news! By His grace, we always grow in awareness. We go FROM glory TO glory. Good news!