I recently meditated on Revelation 22:1-5. (Check it out!) I was struck by a word I have never connected with heaven. That word…city. City! Heaven is like a…CITY! This is a fascinating discovery because it challenges a lot of western dualism that is embedded in people’s thinking. In the west, er America, we like to create classifications of what is a holy calling and what is an ordinary calling. A holy calling is a ministry position/role and an ordinary calling is working as a teacher/business person/doctor/etc.

Now, I know many people who do not view it that way, both in ministry and in non-ministry work. And this comment is not aimed at those in ministry as if it is their fault this divide exists in people’s minds. I’m just making a statement that dualism has driven people to create a sacred and secular divide where God never put one. Back to the point! If Heaven is like a city that raises a few questions in my mind like, how does a city operate? A city operates when businesses flourish, schools work, government creates opportunity for flourishing, families are whole, and the arts are on full display. These elements and others make cities buzz with activity and movement. If this is how a city operates and heaven is a city, then what does that mean for life, now?

A short answer is, this life matters! You pursuing your passions (ministry or non-ministry) and growing in your calling is a big deal! It means, there is no secular field, it’s all sacred! God is at work in every field at all times, after all, they were ALL His ideas! The heart of this post is to validate every career as a calling from God. Can people miss it and not follow the path God designed them for? Yes. However, more likely than not, people are fighting their passion for something deemed “secular” because they don’t think God is really that “into” it.

Nothing could be further from the truth! How would we live, if no one took the time to learn how to build houses? Or design, engineer, and build cars? What about grocery stores? How about lawn mowers? You may think ordinary and boring, but nothing could be further from the truth. Let the Holy Spirit bring you into the wonder of the ordinary and the every day. Let Him re-ignite your passion to be a part of the city-wide community and see God’s Kingdom advanced as you answer emails, fill out spreadsheets, conduct meetings, go to happy-hours, and live life!

These activities are where life is most lived, let’s not chalk it up to irrelevant and boring. Let’s enjoy God’s empowering presence and watch cities transform! Let’s see meetings become opportunities to get things done and see the Kingdom come! Your passions are not an accident. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you into all truth related to those passions and be brave to enter new worlds despite what others might think. It’s time to shape cities and nations!