Recently, I realized the process of catalyzing a move of God can be there very thing that ends the move of God. Or another way to say that, process that creates life and allows it to grow in the early years, can be the very thing that stunts life in later development. At times I hear references to history and prior moves of God referenced as if they are the high water marks of God’s Kingdom.

In other words, if we really want to see the fullness of God’s Kingdom it will look like something that has already come and gone. My challenge with it, is why did that move slow and die? What caused it to cease to exist? We typically point out, this structure/process was not thorough enough or this value went missing in the later years, etc. But my question is why? Typically balls get dropped when people get tired and what they are doing feels like an obligation rather than an inspiration. So, why are we so tired and bored?

I don’t know that I have the answer, but if we are being honest this is a legitimate question. I think moves of God wane because we believe our zeal that brought us into the movement is what qualifies us for a movement. So, we try to return to the foundations of ourselves, rather than relying on God Himself. What if what sustained movements was rest? What if it gets easier and not harder? What if what makes the early days hard is our lack of revelation on the character of God and the essence of His Kingdom. What if movements are intended to constantly morph and change as our understanding of God’s character upgrades and transforms? What if trying to hold on to the “good-ol-days” is the very issue every movement has a difficulty letting go of?

I think sustaining a movement looks very different from birthing one. Just like conception is different from labor. And child-birth is different from parenting. And parenting a new-born is different from parenting an adult. Each stage builds on each other and yes we can remember what happened to get us to this point, but we do not need to long for a return to the beginning. We need to re-invent the middle and create a new ramp that is higher up and higher in.

There is no down day in the Kingdom. There are no regrets. Every day is new and every opportunity is fresh. Let’s see again. Let’s dream again. Forget the former things/movements, and behold God is doing a fresh thing, that has always been rooted in the main thing, Him.